Valerian Mix (Relaxation) Samples- Herbal Tea
Valerian Mix (Relaxation) Samples- Herbal Tea

Valerian Mix (Relaxation) Samples- Herbal Tea

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A mix of seven great teas including Lavender and Mint.

Not only you benefit from benefits of 100% natural herbs you will also enjoy the aromatic scent of this great product.

- You’ll find the flavour of this blend much stronger and fresher than regular dusty paper teabags.

- The new bigger bag design allows tea to expand and release its contents during fusion. 

- You don't find any staples as tea bags are made from woven corn starch and everything is sealed with heat, no glue or staples are used!

 This product comes with no further shipping cost.

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Valerian, Lavender, Mint, Lemon Balm, Stachys Lavandulifolia, Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus


Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region, bitter taste and odor air and has a lot of benefits. Lavender also been recommended for its natural effects.





Mint or pudina is an herb that is synonymous to freshness. It’s packed with anti-oxidants. 



How to choose an herbal tea

When it comes to choosing an herbal tea, it’s important to look for a well-sourced product made from high-quality ingredients.
If you’re drinking tea for the medicinal benefits, then definitely steer clear of products that add things like essential oils or flavours.

And to really get the full benefits from drinking herbal tea, make sure you steep your loose tea or tea bags long enough—in some cases, as long as 10 to 15 minutes—to really bring out all the healthful properties.

Feedback from Jacqueline- one of our satisfied customers:

 .....Tea was lovely and fruity. Quite refreshing. Loving the pyramid bags, which release all that fabulous tasty tea. Thanks for sharing ....