Borage Mix samples
Borage Mix samples

Borage Mix samples

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Borage Mix Tea


Borage mix tea is the most favorable herbal tea which has been used among Persians from old times. We have made this beneficial tradition better by renovation of the formula.

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Calming and boosting effect which contains many notable phytonutrients that are great for a natural lifestyle.



Borage, Valerian, Lemon, Stevia, Lemon Verbena



Borage is an annual herb that is found throughout the Asia, the Mediterranean region and Europe; it is also used as herbal medicine for various illnesses. Borage has high levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. the Vitamin C in borage makes it valuable for its anti-oxidant property. Borage contains niacin or nicotinic-acid that may have positive effects against stress


Lemon verbena is thus a fragrant herb with volatile oils that possesses great natural effect. 


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